H6 W28 – The Julio-Claudian Dynasty

           In today’s essay on the Julio-Claudian dynasty, we’ll go over the five Julio-claudian Roman Emperors, or these five: Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, and Nero.  These first rulers of Rome had to work for their power, especially Augustus, who had to kill Antony and force his other rival into retirement. Augustus was one of the three who formed the Second Triumvirate, and after he gained … Continue reading H6 W28 – The Julio-Claudian Dynasty

H6 W27 – Jesus Christ

  History Week 27 Review – The Life of Jesus Christ             Even if you aren’t Christian, you must respect that our whole dating system is based off His birth, and His death opened the gates of heaven to everyone.  It’s unescapable – Jesus is the most important man in the world.            The start of His Holy life was about 3 AD, when … Continue reading H6 W27 – Jesus Christ

S6 L15 – Google Earth and TopoView Maps

For today’s lesson I was supposed to go to google earth and inlay the GEOPDF and .kmz map I downloaded yesterday, but I can’t really do this because of four reasons: ) I can’t use Chrome, so I can’t go to Google Earth ) My computer can’t read .kmz files so it doesn’t save them ) I need to watch a video on how to inlay … Continue reading S6 L15 – Google Earth and TopoView Maps

S6 L14 – Topomaps: TopoView

In this project I had to go on a site called TopoView, and you can check it out for yourself here:  https://ngmdb.usgs.gov/topoview/viewer/#4/40.00/-100.00 I also had to write down a bunch of notes and stuff to gather all the information for my area, and here’s what I got: There are 22 maps between 1930 and 2010 of my area,  35 total maps shown in topoView with no … Continue reading S6 L14 – Topomaps: TopoView

S6 L13 – US Topo Maps Project Continued

I went to https://viewer.nationalmap.gov and found maps for my county. I used the draw rectangle button to select a portion of the map to download.  Next I hit the search button to find the available maps that met the requirements.  Next I hit the footprints button to make sure the one I was downloading was the one I wanted beause the rectangle would be around … Continue reading S6 L13 – US Topo Maps Project Continued