H6 W28 – The Julio-Claudian Dynasty

           In today’s essay on the Julio-Claudian dynasty, we’ll go over the five Julio-claudian Roman Emperors, or these five: Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, and Nero.  These first rulers of Rome had to work for their power, especially Augustus, who had to kill Antony and force his other rival into retirement. Augustus was one of the […]

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H6 W27 – Jesus Christ

  History Week 27 Review – The Life of Jesus Christ             Even if you aren’t Christian, you must respect that our whole dating system is based off His birth, and His death opened the gates of heaven to everyone.  It’s unescapable – Jesus is the most important man in the world.            The […]

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S6 L12 – US Topo Maps

In this lesson, I learned how to use the old US Topo Map Viewer.  I was told to click a bunch of buttons, do a search, and then the site crashed, so I reloaded it.  The new viewer popped up, so I”m just guessing that I did what I was supposed to.  First, I clicked […]

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