E7 L30 – Saxon Culture

             The book Wulf the Saxon gives us a very good insight into Saxon lifestyle and culture.  It also compares the Norman culture with Saxon.  As the book shows, the Normans (or Northmen) worked their butts off to build ships for their plundering, while in the Saxons, Northumbria and Mercia, the peasants were worked as serfs and had to give the landlord, who could be a bishop, a former king, or a risen freeman, whatever he wanted.  Though demolishing and taking from nearby countries was wrong, at least ye Normans of old got what they earned.  However, the landlords in English lands got what they wanted by making the peasants give the stuff to them, and took their families and jailed the man if he didn’t give the thing the landlord wanted, while the Normans had neither landlords nor jails/dungeons.  In Norway, the wealthy lived more luxuriantly, but no one got to tell each other about, except the basic king.  However, in England, everyone was apparently allowed to blackmail anyone at or below their rank, or Normans, while the Normans were in England.  The Saxons were Christians, and I don’t even know what religion the Norwegians had.  Both had slaves to work for people, and both also had their statuses, posts, ranks, and positions.  This meant that both also had kings.  The kings could be successful or not, but this didn’t matter, as Norway has lasted longer than England, which is now part of the UK, though it was barbarian.  It is Christian now, and still very successful.


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