S6 L36 – My New Aloe, Charlie

I just got a new aloe vera plant for science, and I have officially named it “Charlie”, for no reason at all.  I just wanted to name it instead of just calling it “my new aloe.”  It’s really small and I had to plant it in a really huge pot, which I was kind of skeptic about until I read about how fast these things grow on https://www.almanac.com/plant/aloe-vera  and saw that you need a pot a lot larger than what it looks like it’s supposed to have.  That’s why the pot to plant ratio is huge.  The plant reminds me of a funny joke in a book – It said, “Our aloe plant dreams of becoming an octopus.” and it showed an aloe plant.  It had eight stems, and for some reason ours has the same number, eight.

So when I got it, it was quite root bound and squished, and so we bought it and then today put it in a huge pot full of dirt, sand, and worm poop, and the occasional (baby) worm.  The aloe was planted in this and then set in the middle of our table in the dining room as a regenerative med kit for burns.  Apparently they help with the itching for mosquito bites too.  Well, anyways, we did that and then we watered it with a very small cup in partial shade.


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