H6 W29 – Pompeii

            Fascinating people even to today, this perfectly intact 1st century city was a luxury spot for Roman vacationers, and nowadays a vacation spot for archaeologists.  This city was preserved under 13 – 30 feet under the surface of the ash, and people can find jars of bread or fruit and maybe some paintings.  Some have even found cavities left by dead and decayed bodies, and sometimes the bones in the cavities.

            This famous city was founded by the Oscans in 80 BC, and it was conquered by Rome a little while later, and then immediately became a luxury spot for the Romans.  After a while of being full of vacationers, some earthquakes happened, the predecessors of the upcoming eruption.  Surprisingly, the city filled up to full and above 20000 when Mt. Vesuvius blew its top off, literally.  This top became a mudflow and then destroyed the nearby Herculaneum and Stabiae.  Pliny the Younger gave an eyewitness account in a letter to his friend after the volcano erupted, and he said the ash cloud resembled a pine tree.  As well as the ash, the temperatures of about 482 degrees Fahrenheit instantly killed anything within 6 miles of the mountain.

            This huge natural disaster was devastating to the Roman culture and because it could not be found or rebuilt was forgotten and hidden for a long time, and today is one of the rare preserved relics of that time.


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