H6 W16 – Summary of a Greek Myth

In the past week, I have been learning about Greek culture. Today’s essay is on Greek myths, or, more specifically, a summary of one. So…Here goes nothing!

A long, long time ago, a young boy named Jason was sent off to the centaur Chiron, half-horse and half-man. He was then raised by Chiron because his real father had been killed by his uncle and the uncle had taken the throne. King Pelias was scared that Jason might reappear someday, and so he asked the great Talking Oak for advice. It said, “Beware the man that wears one sandal.” So, he had set guards out on the gates to watch for someone when only wore one sandal. In the meantime, Jason had left and was now traveling to the city Iolchos, where Pelias reigned. While on the way there, and old woman came along, and pitying her, carried her across the river in front of them. He then lost one of his sandals in the flooding river. Once across, he kept headed toward Iolchos. When he arrived at Iolchos, he was then pointed at by a child and then called ‘the one-sandaled man’ by the people, and he was brought before the king. Pelias then challenged Jason to retrieve the Golden Fleece. Jason then confronted the Talking Oak, which told him to take a branch, have a figurehead carved from it, and have a ship built. He had these things done, and then he asked where he would get the men to row the ship. It told him to summon 50 of the heroes of Greece, and take them with him. Once on, he asked the figurehead how they would move the ship, as it was too heavy for Hercules himself to row it (Hercules was one of the heroes summoned). The figurehead told Orpheus (who was better at his harp than at strength) to play his harp, he did, and the ship moved away from the beach.

On the way, they had many adventures, which I cannot recount right now. However, the Argonauts (as the name of the ship was the Argo) did arrive, and were called to the king’s court. He granted it to them on one condition: they defeat his barriers. His challenges were to harness and plow a field with two fire-breathing oxen, plant the teeth of the dragon, and then defeat the dragon guarding the fleece. For the Oxen of Fire, the king’s daughter Medea (who was also an enchantress,) gave him a potion to rub all over his skin and he would be fireproof. He then did so, plowed the field, completed the Dragon’s teeth challenge, and then went up to steal the Fleece. Now the Enchantress Medea made a potion for an arrow that would both pierce a dragon’s scales, and put it to sleep. Jason then grabbed the fleece and ran, telling the sons of the North Wind to go and tell the other Argonauts (because they could fly) and got on the ship, stealing away with both Medea (who had fallen in love with Jason) and the Fleece. They returned to Iolchos, and Jason, going up to the king, showed him the Golden Fleece, and killing Pelias, became the next king of Iolchos.

That’s my summary of a Greek Myth. I hope you liked it!!


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