H6 W15 – Athenian Lifestyle

Athenian Lifestyle – History Week 15 Review
A long time ago, a place called Greece housed two major cities one named Athens and the other Sparta. They both were growing quickly, and both making huge changes in Greek life, including pioneering new types of government. Their major difference, however, was in the way they treated family loyalty and love. Today’s essay will explain the difference between Athens’s and Sparta’s view of family loyalty and breeding.
In Athens, Marriage and Birth were highly encouraged simply to keep the family name going. The women had their marriage arranged, and normally had to put up with whoever was chosen for them.
In Sparta, marriage and birth were encouraged for the state – in other words, Sparta only wanted a military, and no family loyalty. Athens thought family loyalty a strength, Sparta a weakness. Athens thought women were ok to be seen in public with the husband. Sparta thought not. Athens thought that public weddings were ok. Sparta, again, disagreed.
In short, Athens’s and Sparta’s cultures were pretty much opposite. Extremely simply, that summarizes Athenian and Spartan differences.


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