H6 W13 – The Story of the Aeneid

For today’s essay, I’m supposed to rewrite the story of the Aeneid in my own words, summarizing it.  Here goes.


A long time ago, during the time that ancient Greece was attacking Troy, a hardy young man decided that he thought that he should run away from the Greeks, and make a new city.  So, that’s what he did.  He gathered up his family, packed his belongings, and drove out the back gate of Troy.  He wandered about with his family, until his oxen died of strain. He then abandoned much of his belongings there where his oxen died, and then his family ate the oxen.  After that ran out, his family died.  He was then alone.  He wandered the edge of the Mediterranean for many years, until he became a strong, smart, and healthy man.  He kept wandering the Mediterranean edge for more time, and then he found what was to become Rome.  He settled down, and he was happy.  Later, lots of families started settling down around him, and he became a king.  He then found a wife, and had children.  Over time his family grew and thy had a boy named Caesar Augustus.  This young boi quickly thrived and learned fast.  Therefore, since he had been born of Aeneas’ blood, he was rightful king, and so it was said.

It was true that some Trojan nobles escaped and started new colonies, most of which failed.  Some survived, and it is credibly possible that Roman blood is really Trojan blood, but it is unlikely.  The other story of Romulus and Remus may not be explained here, but it is completely outlandish.  For example, take that they were princes and they were brought up by a she-wolf.  That’s just plain silly, if you ask me.  I think the Aeneid MIGHT be true, but it’s unlikely.  That’s it for today’s essay!


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