Camera Focus Review- Science Lesson 120

So, today’s lesson was a review on focus, and I found that I am (sadly) almost done with photography, although I like being a photographer.  Maybe I’ll save up and buy my own sweet camera.  Although I like Dad’s Eos Rebel, I doubt he’ll let me use it for much longer.  He seems to be getting scared that I’ll break it – as if I will!! That thing costs more than our Wii U, in fact, four times as much, and I swore that on my honor, if I broke it, I would pay the full cost for repairs.  As if I would break it.  Really?


Anyways, today’s a review in science, almost done with photography, and I’m sad about that.  At least I have that silly terrible Samsung Camera.  Maybe I will keep posting stuff like this in the future. Too bad I only have two units left in Science, too.  Well, see you tomorrow!


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