Science Lesson 118 – Focus

In today’s lesson I learned about Focus, how to control it, and what it does to the picture.  Focus is the blurriness, sharpness, or in between those in a picture.  Out of focus looks something like this (I’m photographing our cat, Blacker): (W/ Eos Rebel)img_0267 Here’s the correct focus:

img_0269Same cat, same place, diferent focus.  I took multiple photos like this, nailing the focus most of the time. img_0270img_0270img_0268img_0266img_0267img_0272I also took some of the same cat staring out the door, and got some cool angles, see: (again, w/ Eos Rebel)img_0274img_0275img_0276img_0277img_0278img_0278img_0279img_0280img_0281img_0282img_0283img_0284img_0285and also some after I let her out.  (w/ Eos Rebel)img_0286img_0295img_0287img_0296img_0297

Just then, our other black cat named Black decided he wanted to go out, too, so I got some shots of both of them. (Eos Rebel)img_0288img_0289img_0290img_0291img_0292img_0293img_0294Other than those, I got a terrible shot of Blacker with the Samsung camera:sdc13645And a couple shots of ice.

img_0298img_0300That’s it for today, other than saying all you have to do to focus is half-press the shutter, and see you soon!  Also, please tell me if there is anything I can improve in my photos in the comments below, and try the rate thing, too.  See you soon!!   😉



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