H6 W11 – Kings of Judah

In the Past week, I have been studying the Kings of Judah.  The whole time, I had a chart that helped me track the kings (and 1 queen) of the two tribes of Israel Benjamin and Judah.  They had a “grade” based on how well they served God, and whether they fell away or not.  First up came Rehoboam.  He reigned from 931 BC to 913BC, got a grade of ‘bad’ and was accompanied by the prophet Shemaiah.  He and Jeroboam picked fights with each other, and as two different families of high position, the country split between them.  Rehoboam had the tribes of Judah and Benjamin, while Jeroboam got the rest of the 12 tribes of IsraelAbijah, the next king, earned another ‘bad’ grade, reigned from 913 – 911 BC, and then died. No prophets in his reign.  Asa was the first ‘good’ king, reigned from 911 – 870 BC (41 years) and then died a painless death.  Jehoshaphat was the next king, and he too was a ‘good’ king.  His reign was from 870 – 848 BC (25 years) and also died passing the crown to Jehoram.  As a ‘bad’ king, his reign did not last long – from 848 – 841 BC (8 years).  Ahaziah was the next king, reigning for 1 year, in 841 BC. He was a ‘bad’ king.  Then the crown was given to Athaliah, his (bad) mother, in 841 BC.  When she was kicked off the throne in 835 BC, it was given to 6-year-old Joash, a ‘good’ king, who reigned from 835-796 BC.  He died, and the crown passed to Amaziah, another good king.  He reigned from 796 – 767 BC (29 years). the next king was Uzziah, another good king.  Also known as Azariah, he ruled from 767 – 740 Bc.  Jotham, his son (and another good king),  was ruler from 740 – 732 BC.  Ahaz came next- he was a bad king.  His reign was from 732-716 BC.  His successor was Hezekiah, famous for the story of pleading with God and God granting him 15 extra years to live.  He was (probably) the best king in the history of Judah, and also the most faithful one.  His successor, Manasseh, was a bad king, but also the first of the bad kings to truly repent of his sins.  His follower to the throne was Amon (not to be confused with the Egyptian god Ammon) , an he was a full bad king, with a reign of 2 years from his predecessor’s death.  Josiah, the next king,  was another good king, and the last of the good kings.  He ruled from 640-608 BC and then passed the crown and throne to Jehoahaz.  He reigned in 608 bc, and died a simple 3 months after his rise to the throne.  Jehoiakim was the next king and he reigned from 608 – 597 BC.  Jehoiachin, his successor, only reigned 3 months again, and Zedekiah reigned 11 years until the destruction of Jerusalem, from 597 – 586.  The end of Jerusalem was also the end (for the time being, that is,) of Judah, and Israel had been conquered over 150 years ago, annihilating the tribes of Israel.  That’s it for today, I hope you like the article, See you next time!  😉