S5-Lesson 107 – More Photos & Descriptions

Here are today’s photos, all taken with the Eos Rebel and some either underexposed or overexposed.  If you notice the captions, I’m going to start putting the regular camera terms beneath, and also explain the Aperture, ISO, and Shutter Speed.  Aperture is the opening in the front of the camera that  opens and closes when you adjust the F-Stops, which normally range from about 2.8 to 22 on a good camera.  2.8 lets in the most light, and everything after that is halved b the next f-stop up, or usually 4.5.  Therefore, 4.5 is half of 2.8, and 5.0 would be 1/4 of what 2.8 has, etc.  ISO is the sensitivity of the sensor and can determine your exposure value as well as balance out the Aperture size difference.  I’m pretty sure most people with a DSLR camera know what the shutter is, and for those that don’t, it’s a large metal plate in the back of the camera with a lens in the center to capture the photo.  Well, shutter speed, just like ISO, can define the picture.  A smaller shutter speed, like 1/500 of a second can freeze motion, while larger ones, from 1/50 of a second create motion blur and need a tripod.  The larger shutter speeds do give you a light-trail advantage, however, so you can do stuff like this:    light-trailsPretty cool, huh?  You can also write words in cursive like a guy in a video did.  They wrote the words “photo camp” with a glowing Frisbee, and at the end one of the guys threw the Frisbee underneath the word, underlining it, using a 30 second shutter speed, a high ISO, and a 2.8 aperture.  It looked really cool, see:2017-02-01It looks so cool! I want to do that!  Anyways, here’s the photos that I promised:


ISO 400, Aperture 5.6, Shutter Speed 125. +1 overexposed.
ISO 400, Shutter Speed 500, Aperture 8.3 . -1 underexposed.



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  1. Hey, you have nice photos, Im wondering if you want to post some of your photos on my site as an author? I already have Walt on board but he hasn’t posted anything.

    I can add you as an author (as I said), and you can post photos on my blog, and you don’t have to join me if you want.


    1. Danger S. says:

      maybe, depending on what mom says. are you RPC?


      1. Yes I’m from RPC, I’m also known as Bacon or Libertyone.


      2. Danger S. says:

        nice! I am too. I’m normally Danger S / cnsteph.


  2. Hey there, I think your website might be having browser compatibility issues. When I look at your blog site in Ie, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, terrific blog!


    1. Danger S. says:

      try zooming out a little in that browser.


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