H6 W9 – Biography of Joshua


          At around age 20, a young man named Joshua was in his tent sleeping, and a voice called him, saying that he would be the next leader after Moses, and that he had to show courage and strength in the Lord.  He woke up, and didn’t understand it.  Two years later, however, he did to its fullest extent.  One year a farmer, and the next a leader.  Within those years, he learned of courage and strength, and then as a leader, he was prepared to do God’s will to its fullest extent.  As a leader, Joshua did a great many things, all of which God approved of,  including leading the Israelites into Canaan, conquering Jericho, destroying Ai, and capturing most of the Canaanite territory, now known as Israel.  Israel became great under Joshua, and he followed God’s will very well.  In the capturing of Jericho, he told the priests that God said to march around the walls once a day and on the seventh day go six times and blow the trumpets.  They obeyed and the walls crumbled and the Israelites won the victory.   Joshua was quite a faithful man.


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