H6 W7 – Life During the Ten Plagues

February 2, 1,500 B.C.

For the next while, I will be tracking the ten “Plagues” that this man Moses foretells.  I have decided to start a journal on it for my ancestors to find, and go over the details of these “Ten Plagues”.   Well, today I am told that Moses apparently threw down his rod and it turned into a Horned Viper.  The pharaoh’s magicians turned theirs into cobras.  As I am told, Moses’ Viper ate both cobras.

February 3

Today I saw one for myself!  As I am a fisherman, I was getting onto my boat to go fishing when the river just started turning red from over a hill.  I didn’t know what to do, so I beached my boat, got out, and smelled it.  It stank!!!   I knew the scent by heart, and I knew it was blood.  I went home to our well to draw water, but the well was full of blood too.  I knew that I should start waiting.

February 10

The Nile finally became water again, but there’s no fish in it.  I am afraid I might lose my job.

February 11

Finally! I have caught a basket of fish.  I am now going to prepare it for storage before the next one comes.

February 12

Too late.  I should have prepared when I heard about the plagues in the first place.  I can barely write because I can’t move with so many frogs around me.  Maybe I could cook some frogs?

February 13

The frogs cleared up, and I finally get a day in peace.  I wonder how Pharaoh’s doing?

February 14

Geez, will I ever get some peace??  Now there are gnats and fleas and lice everywere.  They have already killed half my cattle and horses, will they kill me too?

February 17

At least there are no more gnats and lice.  Instead there are thousands of flies.  Eating my food, biting me, zipping in and out of the house, and making my second son sick.

February 21

There go the rest of my cattle and horses to Osiris.  At least they’ll be waiting for me there when I am killed by these plagues, too.

February 23

I can barely write this, as I am covered in boils and red bumps all over.  How long am I to suffer for my Pharaoh’s mistake?

February 26

I’m trapped inside by flaming hail. At least the wheat is still intact.  My house is currently being destroyed by these balls of flaming ice.

February 28

The hail died out, but the locusts moved in.  I’m stuck inside again.  At least I killed some frogs and saved them.

March 1

I am using a candle to light this, and it’s very dim and doesn’t have much time left.  It’s so dark that you can almost feel walls of gelatin around you.  It’s so weird, and so creepy!  When will it end?

March 4

I can see! The thing is, my only other son is dead.  He went to Osiris’ land at exactly midnight, and he was instantly killed by a black shadow that only I saw.  I wonder if tere are any more, as I counted ten exactly so far.  The only other thing that happened was that the Hebrews left, and I am glad for it.  However, I noticed that all the Hebrews still had their firstborns.

March 5

Hooray! The plagues are over!  However, we are now without king or army, as the king as army were “swallowed by the waters of the Red Sea”.  The plagues are over!


8 Comments Add yours

  1. You could make loosing you son like this. The only thing is I lost my son!


    1. Danger S. says:

      I wrote it how I wrote it, OK?


      1. fine gust make it more catastrophic


      2. Danger S. says:

        the whole of the Ten Plagues was catastrophic enough. Why make it more catastrophic if it is catastrophic enough already ?


      3. Couse it is loosing your son.


      4. Danger S. says:

        Just imagine. I already went through the ten plagues. wouldn’t it be like normal after nine extremely weird, destructive, and demoralizing plagues ?


      5. Danger S. says:

        ok then. I don’t need to make it more catastrophic than it really is.


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