H6 W4 – What I see of God’s Sovereignty in the Patriarchs

            When I look back at the lives of the Hebrew Patriarchs I see God’s Almighty Sovereignty constantly.  Their lives fully reflect His glory and sovereignty and his Omnipotence, Omniscience, and Omnipresence.  Therefore, they were fully influenced by God in their ways and helped when things went wrong.  Let’s take Abraham as an example of God’s influence in our lives and actions.  He believed in the on God even before he was called out of Ur at age 70.  Knowing that God had called him, he went and followed His instructions. When he got to Canaan, he saw that Canaan was in a famine and he didn’t want to live in a famine, so he moved to Egypt for a while and sinned for the first time in his journey – he called Sarai his sister not his wife.  The Pharaoh thought that since she was his sister he could take her as one of his many wives.  God then revealed to Pharaoh that she was his wife not his sister so he rebuked Abram and sent him on his way with his wife.  Joseph is also a very good example, when his brothers came up with the idea to kill him and Judah said to sell him, so they sold him.  In the end, he was second highest in the land of Egypt, and could provide for his family in the future.  Both of these excellently show His Sovereignty in their lives and actions, and shows that God is Perfect and can make good out of bad.


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