H6 W2 – My Favorite Greek Civilization

Today’s assignment may not have been a worksheet, but it was an essay on which civilization I like the most out of Greek, African, Mesopotamian, or Anatolian. I think my favorite would be the Greeks, especially the Minoans. I like them because they were a peaceful peoples because they didn’t go off onto expeditions, very content with their surroundings because they weren’t envious of the other peoples, and very smart, because that was where Archimedes grew up.

Also, they left many records of what happened with Terracotta and were very set on architectural beauty, like the Lion Gate, and the Palace at Knossos. They then went into battle for a long, long time with the Mycenaeans and lost, leaving a 500 year gap in the history as of lack of evidence. Today scientists are simply excluding this gap from history altogether. I think that this was one of the most important civilizations in history.


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