H6 W1 – Journey of the Tower of Babel

March 1, 2008 B.C.

 *This diary is to log our exploits after the confusion of languages and I was chosen to write it, so here I am writing it. This is the first day of the confusion and I am unable to read the Hebrew that I learned in school two years ago. I was chosen to start a log on the trip and to record all that happens on the way, including dialect. Well, I was walking around in the tower searching for anyone that spoke the same new language, which I called “Spanish”. I called out and I heard another voice beside me yelling at me and I could understand. To me this was surprising because I had spoken Hebrew all my life (so far). I asked if anyone else could talk in the same language too, and he had encountered Chiram and Abhy. “Aaron, ¿podemos caminar juntos?” Barrak said. I said sure and we split up, while he went left and I right. I ran into Chedva and Elias and he found Liesbet. I had arranged to have him meet me at the cracked wall at 3:00 to round everyone up. Once there, we decided to figure out where to go when we left because we knew we needed to leave. Six-sevenths of us wanted to head to the northeast; we were simply having a dispute on how far northeast, with three agreements on northeast about 3,000 kilometers (about 1864.114 miles) away. Otherwise, Barrak wanted to go about 3,500 kilometers, Chiram was indifferent, Abhy wanted to go 6000 kilometers, and Chedva didn’t want to leave even though she couldn’t talk to her family. Liesbet, Elias and I overpowered all the others. The end of the day neared and we each had been assigned a position. I was the scribe, Elias was the rations dealer, Abhy was the buyer, Chedva was planner, Barrak was the camp director, Liesbet was the mapmaker, and Chiram was the planner’s helper. We went home, planning to meet again at the crack in the morning.

March 2, 2008 B.C.

We sent Abhy shopping and she came home with a basket of chocolate. She says it was all she could get.

March 3, 2008 B.C.

We switched Abhy’s position to planner’s helper and Chiram to her old position of buyer. Chiram bought exactly what we needed using sign language, and proved Abhy a flat liar about the chocolate.

March 4, 2008 B.C.

We start on the journey in 7 days. Starting the countdown to leaving, and Abhy will not stop saying goodbye.

March 5, 2008 B.C.

6 days left. Too dull for writing.

March 6, 2008 B.C.

5 days left! I’m actually pretty excited to found a new country and to blaze the trail for our descendants that want to follow the thousand-year-old trail that we wandered along to reach their home country.

March 11

Time to leave! I am hugging all my friends and family goodbye, and they are hugging me so tight that I think they want me to stay. When we left the village a crowd of kids came rushing up and trying to climb all over us and come with us. We had to send them back to their village to their moms. One kid actually spoke the same language we did and he knew me so he was calling, “Aaron! Aaron!” and I let him come along. He was apparently born that way and he had learned Hebrew too, so I had him tell as many kids as possible to go home. This left about 30 kids, and about 24 spoke the new language and the rest were speaking gibberish to one another. I called the ones that spoke Spanish over. They were allowed to come along and the rest went home, disappointed. They had brought a basic arsenal of knives, including a couple foreign machetes about as long as my arm. The rest had about three small folding knives each. We stashed two out of every three in a bag and carried the rest. We, the grownups, got the large machetes and the younger ones had the small folders and small machetes. Therefore, we had an army of young boys waiting to slash their way through the jungle and forest and desert. Since they knew they could be going a long distance they each brought about seven times as much food as they could eat in a week so we all had a large ration. After setting up a large camp fit for a small army, we got in the tents and went to bed, ending the day.

*this is not actual, it’s just a creative essay

the names are real


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