A culture that I wrote about – English Lesson 80

        The culture I have chosen to write about is the English culture. The culture consists mostly of rules and manners. I am not fond of rules but I guess they are. Some of the rules are to be courteous and kind, fight for your honor when you’re attacked, and many others. Phileas Fogg exhibits these laws while traveling the earth. Also there are others he did not show yet still obeyed and other cultural differences.  The cultural differences were in Art, Music, Literature, folklore, performance arts, and festivals.

English art above some French art. Completely different, showing that they think differently.

  In art the differences in their way of thinking is obviously very different from, for example, french art.  Also their traditions are almost completely different.  Their literature was focused mainly on what will come to be and not what is going on.  The performance arts were more like clowns and theaters in England than in, say, America, where we use theaters.  Their festivals are different too, like St. George’s Day, Commonwealth Day, Guy Fawkes night, Harvest Festival, Lady Day, May Day, Plough Monday, Plough Sunday, Whitsun, andfrench_art Christmas. (at least they have Christmas, not Hanukkah(not to be rude to any Jews reading this, it’s just my opinion))  That’s what I learned about the English culture.




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  1. Danger S. says:

    Anyone actually in England can inform me on mistakes I made if there are any. If so, please let me know. I would like to start making better posts.


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