Science Lesson 74 – Werner Von Braun – Space pioneers

In this lesson I learned about Werner Von Braun and his impact on the space age and world wars I and II. In world war I he made the V-2 and V-3, which the Allied forces envied. Therefore the American government created a plan called “Operation Paper Clip”. The goal was to kidnap or entice German rocket scientists. When they arrived in America, the government erased their German records and had them produce warheads for America. Werner was enticed, and he came to America being lured by the technology America had, which aligned with one of Werner’s goal of sending a man to the moon. This ambition turned out useful in speeding up the arrival of the space age. While making warheads for the Allied he created the Saturn V rocket, the heaviest, largest rocket invented so far. When he died, he left a legacy that would not be filled for a time to come, and NASA found it hard to make their own rockets, so they stuck to Werner’s rockets that are still used today.


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