English lesson 55 Cat of Bubastes one-quarter essay

What I think of the Cat of Bubastes so far is that it’s a pretty good book (I admit it, I’ve been reading ahead a little – just a little) and I think we will see Chebron, Amuba (A-mu-ba), Jethro (Je-throw), Mysa (Miy-sah), and Ruth again.

In chapters 1-2 we find out a little about the terrain that the Rebu capital is set on, which is a peninsula in the Caspian Sea, and the city is on top of a cliff.  The town is surrounded by a wall and the Rebu are rich at the time.  All wore daggers and ornaments of gold and gems.  We meet Amuba, the main character, and his mom tells him something that is true for all nations: “No country is so rich that it does not desire more.”  We find out that the Rebu are very strategic, and have a lot of information at hand, and the Egyptians revere many creatures.  At this time, the battle begins between the Egyptians and the Rebu in a swamp.  During the battle, and an Egyptian performs a technique on Amuba:  he slips his bow over Amuba’s head and gives a slight but hard jerk, knocking him insensible.  Back in the city after the battle was lost, Amuba told his mother to ride out in a chariot and tell everybody in the city to calm down and help defend the city in carrying supplies to and from the walls.

Chapter 3 is on the final part of the siege and how the Egyptians beat the Rebu, while Chapter 4 is on the splitting up of the captives into slaves and regular peasants, tells of the slave portion being brought back to Egypt. Next it describes the garden in front of Ameres, the owner of Amuba and Jethro, Amuba’s best friend.  When they get to Ameres’ house, they marvel at the garden, and as soon as they get near the house, a young boy named Chebron (che-bron) came running out.  Chebron marvels at Amuba’s goldenish hair and pale skin, but then his father reproves him for it.  Amuba understood the conversation because he had very quickly picked up on the Egyptian language.  Next Ameres assigns Amuba a position of companion to Chebron.  Then they get to go inside and meet Mysa, Chebron’s little sister, who takes Jethro as her special attendant.  As I figured out, the book is more on Chebron and Amuba than on Mysa, Jethro, Ameres, and Ameres’ wife.

In chapters 5-6, Amuba and Chebron go on an adventure.  Of course, Jethro, as always, comes along on the adventure of a hunting trip.  The main point of the journey was for Ameres to go to check the levels on the canals for the overflowing of the Nile River.  While on the way south of Thebes, they talk about the Israelites and their religion.  Then the threesome arrive and Chebron, Amuba and Jethro are given permission to go on the hunting trip, and Mysa and Amense stayed home.  Afterwards the trio that the book is focused on are sent into Ameres’ farmhouse, which sounds a lot like his main house from the description in the book, to get supplies.  After that, they leave for the hunting trip, as described in the next two Chapters.

Chapters 7-8 are on the rest of the hunt, in which they decide to hunt a “river-horse”, known today as a hippopotamus.  During this hunt they hear a scream, which was, they found, a girl being carried off by large crocodile.  Trying to rescue her, Chebron hit the crocodile on its snout, and then the hunter they were with and Jethro stabbed the crocodile in the back of its legs.  Amuba tried to tackle it, and was swept away via the crocodile’s tail.  This being done and the crocodile dead, they returned her to her grandfather’s cottage.  Chebron then became fearful because in Thebes, the crocodile was a sacred animal but here it was not.  He was torn between whether to tell his father or to simply keep quiet, but Amuba reassured him that since the kill happened on a province that thought the crocodile dangerous, it would not matter.  The saving of the girl was very brave of Amuba and Chebron.  In the next chapter, the girl, named Ruth, became Mysa’s second attendant.  Shortly afterwards,  Chebron and Amuba go wandering in the temple, and this time they find an open door leading up a tower and into a chamber where a man could stand and talk through a picture of a god downstairs.  The picture was a sacred one that was supposed to tell you what was going to happen and to forgive you for wrongdoing.  Chebron was very angry about this deception.  They overheard a conspiracy about killing someone.  They fled the chamber, and while they did that the enemies of the book tried to search the temple and find the boys, but failed.  Chebron and Amuba had escaped, but the next morning Neco, Chebron’s brother, is killed.

I think that they will find out who were the conspirators, and why were they plotting against someone?


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