Science lesson 55 – City in Two- Point Perspective

For those of you who remember the photo above on the “A Couple Sketches” post, I decided to take it out and make a whole post on it, as well as the next lesson’s sketch.  And for those of you who don’t know what two-point perspective is, it’s where the lines dissappear on the horizon on two points, like say, a row of buildings.  Look in the pic above.  Try looking where all the lines stop.  Two points, right? Those are vanishing points.  Those vanishing points are how the technique gets its name: Two– as in the two vanishing points- Point– as in the vanishing Points– perspective- as in the way you see the end result.

Trees  and fields

This other pic was also on the post beneath, but at the very end of the post.  This one is focused on the tone of the graphite creating a 3-d effect. Note that the lighter shades suggest farther back, and therefore make it realistic.


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