What I would Like To Do As An Adult – English 6 Lesson 45

What I would like to be as an adult is either a technician, scientist, or inventor. As a technician, I would help people with their power (if it decides to go wonky), and sell solar panels, battery backups, and other supplies that are useful in solar panel arrays. As a scientist, I would become a Doctor-Scientist and build a “nanocast” that instantly heals the broken bone or sprain. As an inventor, I would, of course, invent things that would help mankind greatly, like a non-dying light bulb, a non-fraying electrical cord, nanotechnological objects (for example, a computer that attaches to the keyboard and is flexible, like these tablets.), and so forth. These noble professions are very expensive; I’d find the money to pay somehow. I think that these are such awesome positions, and I would love to have at least one of them someday!


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