70’th Birthday Speech – ABC Lesson 30

Hello, everyone! Thank you for being here today, for supporting me in what I have done in past years, and guiding me in the correct directions. I cannot repay you fully.  You have provided me a job as a computer engineer, and I used it, and worked my way to the top, and then you helped me in starting a new job as a CEO in Jobs Incorporated. And I used this job and provided for thousands of customers that came to me. These customers then passed this info to other people, and they started businesses too, like logging companies and business companies.

I have not only helped others, but encouraged, jump-started, and donated to, others, and I feel that I accomplished something from that. This seventieth birthday speech commemorates helping and serving and encouraging all my years as an adult, and using my time and my money and helping helpless families, giving the homeless homes, orphans a foster parent, and .

At the same time, I had success in my business, life, and raising my youngsters. These were my major successes: having a clean criminal record, a healthy and happy family, and a good job. This major success was what powered the other little successes. The outflow was like a boomerang, coming right on back as inflow- which kept the cycle going. (The cycle is what is so major in society – it keeps you from going bankrupt, starving, being homeless, and, put it all together, death in itself, or going to jail.) Thank you.


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  1. MrsMitch says:

    This is a great way to think about your goals! I hope you keep pushing forward.


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