Success Principles-ABC Lesson 26-Three Successes That I Have Had

In this lesson he asks you to name three successes that you have had, and talk about them, and if they coincide with his success principles, talk about it in 150 words (at least!).  Here’s my compilation.

1. Finishing fifth grade.

2. Riding 60 miles on a bike.

3. Getting Scout rank in BSA.

1. Finishing fifth grade: When I finished fifth grade, I was ecstatic!  I then went to summer camp for two weeks.  After that I had two more weeks to play, and in July, I started having to overview my classes.

2. Riding 60 miles on a bike: I had to work at it all by my self, with a little bit of encouragement from dad and the music from the boombox on his bike. He also tipped me about eating lots of carbs before biking — and I made it! 🙂

3. Getting Scout rank in Boy Scouts of America: this one was hard, but I made it through!  I kept missing seven requirements that kept slipping my mind or I couldn’t do.  I figured it out over time (with the help of mom and dad) and got Scout rank!  After that I was exited to go up for Tenderfoot, which I am still working on.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. What’s the bike for? Omly one fragment is about biking


    1. Danger S. says:

      just to be the picture


  2. That is not even you’r bike


  3. put your bike up there.


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