Malus Domestica, My Favorite Fruit – Science lesson 21

Ah, how I love the fruit of Malus Domestica, that delicious fruit that I simply can’t resist, especially with some peanut butter in the mix. The sheer versatility of it makes it all the better. And the deliciously good treats that it can make is uncountable. For instance, the caramel apple, the apple pie, apple fritters, applesauce, peanut butter filled apples, the common everyday apple slices with peanut butter. Those are just a couple. But first, let’s talk about the apple in the language of Botanists.

First off, I mentioned that the botanical name for the apple is Malus Domestica.  Its category is Angiosperm, the genus Rosaceae (ro-say-see-eye), and the common name Apple.  Speaking of names, there is a synonym to Malus Domestica: Pyrus Malus!  The name Malus Domestica can refer to any apple cultivar, so watch out for that.  Also, the fruit does not ripen after harvest (eg. Banana), so you have to eat them before they start to look brown, and that’s when you have to throw them to the birds because they’ve deteriorated (rotted from using itself up after being taken from its energy source).  The apple is an Angiosperm  (has the little tubes in the leaves) and is picked in the fall.  Apples are quite an interesting subject, and are a favorite fruit of mine!


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