Peach Cobbler Smoothie – Science Lesson 27

I like peaches.  I bet I’d like peach cobblers.  Why the heck wouldn’t I like a peach cobbler smoothie?  These tasty drinks are awesomely good,  and fairly easy to make.  I need two cups of frozen peach slices, two cups of vanilla yogurt, one teaspoon vanilla extract, one teaspoon honey, one-half teaspoon nutmeg, two teaspoons wheat germ (use flax-seed if you want it gluten-free), four teaspoons rolled oats, two cups frozen unsweetened peach slices, eight ice cubes, a blender, some cups, and a friend.

Really most of the time taken in this project is from measuring the ingredients out, but once you have that done, simply dump everything (unless you have a margarita maker, in which you put the ice in the container on top) into the blender and blend until it looks smooth.  After that, it’s time to drink it!  Peaches are very delicious, and in this smoothie, they make it taste like a delicacy to me!


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