Orange and Onion – Science Lesson 25

What is sweet, yet sour, white, but orange, and tasty, not disgusting – Orange and Onion Salad.  Since Oranges and Onions are in the same botanical family, they make a terrific set when it comes to fulfilling the requirements above.  with some olive oil and black pepper thrown in, it’s an excellent meal, and simple to make.

All I need is one orange, one onion, a couple pinches of black pepper, 1/4 cup of olive oil, and a plate.  First of all, I peel the orange by cutting off the stem, crosswise with the orange. Second, I stick my nail right between the orange part and the white stuff between the orange parts.  Then I simply rip off the outer rind of the orange, and get the white stuff, too.  Then I do the same with the onion.  Then I’ll cut off the other end on both.  Now I’m ready to cut them into slices, which I will do.  All right, since I have the slices, I’ll push the four center rings out of the center of the onion slices, and start splitting the bigger rings out of each other.  Once I have that all done, I lay out the onion rings over and under the orange slices, splatter with oil, and sprinkle the pepper on. Then it’s done!  This delicious meal is healthy, colorful, and tasty.


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