Homemade Coleslaw – Science Lesson 17

Coleslaw – that very american dish that is incredibly yummy.  So good……. yet so simple and easy to make.  The recipe includes a bag’s worth of angel hair cabbage, a can of mayonnaise, a lot of raisins, and some lime juice.

First, (if you don’t have a bag of the pre-cut stuff) take a couple leaves and slice into strips.  Second, place them in the bowl and dump a couple handfuls of raisins into the bowl, and add the mayo.  Before you put in the lime juice, be careful – do not put in too much, or it will be too citrusy.  Take some coleslaw with a little lime juice (in a little bowl) and keep adding lime juice until it tastes a little bit citrusy.  Then add about three times as much as you put in the little bowl in the big bowl, and mix for about five minutes, or until the raisins are randomly scattered in the big bowl, and you’re done, and ready to serve it to your guests (or eat it yourself! 😉 )! This delicious make really is extremely healthy, traditional, and fast!


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