My Favorite Time of Year – English Lesson 25

My favorite time of the year is winter! When the snow is just right for both sledding and a snowball fight, and people can get a sled and load it up with snowballs. Then they can get on and whiz down a hill at top speed while barraging three people at once with a sled-load of snowballs. Another funny way to win a snowball fight is to get on top of a hill and toss a snowball onto the hillside. It will roll down and get bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and if someone is not looking, they get mashed into the snow by the giant snowball. There are other fun things about winter too, like building a small igloo if the snow is deep enough.

Another thing that I like about winter is that we get a break from school when it’s snowing outside. After it’s done snowing, mom gives us a half-hour outside before we have to come in. After that we get hot chocolate and another half-hour before going to school. Then after school and more snow, we can come in and play our video games. After video games, we can break out the Lego, and play until bedtime! Winter is the best time of year!


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