Lego- English lesson 18 essay

Lego are a real fun creative building toy! I especially like Lego because they’re incredibly versatile, have some interesting fun facts about the tiny plastic bricks, and I‘ve built a lot of things out of them. The sky’s the limit when you’re building with Lego!
Lego bricks are unbelievably versatile. There are hundreds of different colors, shapes, and sizes of Lego. And even though they have many wacky shapes and sizes, they still connect as though they were attached by nuts, bolts, and screws. Sometimes they are loose, and sometimes they seem to change their minds and simply will not connect with another brick at all! Lego also develop creative skills, and the related Duplos help with motor skills, as well. As they are great fun for the family, anyone can play (as long as they don’t try to eat the bricks!). Lego can build just about any object you can think of! Lego are incredibly useful!
There are lots of interesting fun facts about Lego. The brand Lego came from two Danish words, “ Leg Godt” meaning “play well” in English. Lego actually used to be called “automatic binding bricks”, interestingly enough. The bricks from the 1950’s would still connect with the bricks today! Also, some guy named James May actually built a life-size house out of 3.3 million bricks in 2009! The plural of Lego is actually Lego, so an “s” is not required to make Lego plural. Lego have lots of untold secrets!
I’ve built a nice handful of things using Lego, including, a couple of thought-out spaceships, a miniature three-story tall brick house, and a miniature sliding door that actually worked. The ships were my own creations, and I had to do some thinking to get the design correct. As for the three-story house, I had to plan it out. I took my time and I was like “Oh!”, and then off I went in building a nice structure, in which the flooring was five layers deep because I didn’t have the right size in large boards. The sliding door was my own inspiration from the sliding glass door in the kitchen.
Lego really are very interesting. At first I thought that Duplo were the only building toy that was anything like it. Then one of my uncles introduced me to Lego, and since then I have loved Lego!


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