Homemade Applesauce- Lesson 23

Today I made some chunky homemade applesauce! I needed some Granny Smith apples, 1/8 teaspoon of nutmeg, 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon, 1/2 cup brown sugar, and one cup of water (I used 2).  First I peeled the apples with a cucumber peeler (stop laughing! It was all I had!) and threw the peel away, although apple peel is a very healthy snack.  cooking apple sauceThen I got out my useful Mr. Cutting Board and cut my apples into quarters.  I next cored the apple so that I felt nothing hard in the apple.  After that I got a nice deep pot with a fitting lid to match, and placed both the cup of water and the apple in the pot and turned it up to eight on our stove.  Once the water started boiling, I turned down the heat to three, and stirred for five minutes.  I had to make the heat go back up to eight because it was not tender enough. After a couple more minutes, I turned it down again and stirred once more until it was soft enough to smoosh it a little with the edge of the spoon.  Once it was ready, I stabbed it a couple times to break it up.  when it finally didn’t look like apple quarters, I stirred even more, for another 5 minutes.  After that I let it cool for five minutes and it was done!

Here’s why the apples soften when they are boiled.  So, before you boil the apples, they’re hard and cold, right?  That’s because of moisture in the apple keeping it cool.  When you boil it, it loses all of it’s liquid.  But that’s not all!  Do you know how a balloon shrinks when put in the freezer, and pops if you put it in boiling water?  An apple quarter does the same thing: the air particles and tissue particles in the balloon and apple expand and contract because the particles are trying go keep cool in the water, and keep warm in the freezer.  That’s why the balloon will not freeze (unless you put water in it) and the apple won’t rot in the freezer.apple sauce


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  1. that applesauce was yummy

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      1. Danger S. says:

        yeah….. it was a little chunky

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