Tour Of Our House – English Lesson 20

In this essay, I will take you around our house. When we drive up the driveway, we might see a row of bushes that marks the start of our tour. When we get out of our car, the area that we are in is the driveway. We can then walk up the driveway and up the cement stairs to the left. Then we are in the front yard. After we explore the front-yard_smallfront yard, we notice that we have lots of trees in our front yard, most of which are perfect to climb. Then we start to get bored, so we’ll move on to the downstairs via the downstairs door, the one in front of the driveway.

Now we are downstairs, and we have passed through the downstairs door, we are in the laundry room. When we entered the laundry room, we immediately noticed the washer and dryer four meters in front of us, and a wall of clothes bins in between us laundry-room_smalland the washer and dryer, in the middle of the room. Then we look around and see the power box off to the right, and the freezer containing pounds of deer meat to the left. Then we dodge the clothes bins and move forward to the left and into the downstairs hallway. This room has doors to the bathroom that we’re going into next, the garage a little behind that and on the other side, and the enormous room at the end of the hallway. We’ll go into the bathroom, and we see the toilet on the far wall, the sink in front of it, so we’ll downstairs_smallturn around and head through the door behind us. The room that we enter is the garage, which is where we keep everything that we either save for later or don’t use anymore. The racks holding up this massive mess is the chemicals rack in front of us, the toolbox next to the door, and the other rack next to the garage door that holds huge ten pound canisters of sugar, rice and flour. My dad also keeps his motorcycle in here. It’s such a mess in here that I want to get out of here, so we’ll get away by closing that door and heading to the large room at the end of the hallway, and it takes up half the basement. We keep going forward, and pass the stairs on the way to Mom and Dad’s room, that enormous room that accommodates a wall covered in bikes on the left, a huge indent in the wall to the right with the bed in it, and the fire pit in front of us. I bet we’re not supposed to stay in here long, so let’s go back to where we saw the stairs and head up them. Then we reach the landing. Here stands the shoe rack and the front door, and it’s a u-turn to keep going up the stairs to the

Once we’re upstairs, we notice the three possible paths to take, the one leading to the kitchen in front, the hallway on the right, and the living room on the left. First we’ll go left and into the living room. This room is huge, and it has enough space to accommodate the TV that is hanging on the wall, the game stand, the full-scale piano, two couches, a cat tree (we have three cats), and the curio-cabinet. This is blacker_smallwhere we eat sometimes, hence the tables in front of furball_smallthe couches. Turn to the right, walk forward, and look where we are! In the dining-room, and the big table is the main ornament for this room. The room also has a sliding glass door with the blinds on the inside of the glass, which mom loves. Speaking of Mom, there she is, and Black and Blacker (two of our cats) following her. Then we go to the right and right ahead into the the kitchen, where Mom is giving the cats treats. Of course. That’s why both cats were tailing her. Those cats love treats so much they’ll do anything for them. If you remember that this is the kitchen, this is the cook’s black_smalldream. Is has the oven and sink and the huge counter and all. Then we’ll turn right and there’s the hallway. We’ll go a couple steps down the hallway to turn left and see the bathroom. Then the next door on the right is the guest suite. It contains a big ol’ bed and a chair. Not much to boast about here. Next up on the left is my brother’s and my room. It is a
tornado debris field most of the time because my brother and I are like tornadoes (we make a mess all the time) and we forget to clean up our room. It has ( if you can see them through this train wreck of a bed-room_smallroom) the toy box, our bunkbed, the closet, and our dressers. We’ll go to the hallway_smallschoolroom, which is just down the hallway on the right again. It looks like a corridor with another corridor on the left because of mom’s desk, a big honking desk that is in the center of the room. On this side, there are the school-room_smallbookshelves ( which are about seven feet tall, taking up the whole wall.) and the other aisle on the other side of
the room has the same setup, except that mom’s desk is backwards. There are also our school desks which are about twice as wide as the public school desks. Each desk has a computer, a tissue box and a piece of paper, which is our lesson plans. Oh, hey! There’s Furball, our third cat. Then we head all the way back to where you remember the door on the landing, and if you remember the beginning of the tour, you will know where your car is. Goodbye!


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