English Lesson 5 – My First Essay!

How I think The Railway Children will End

     I hope that the end of The Railway Children, by Edith Nesbit, will bring home Peter, Phyllis, and Roberta’s father. I think that their father was on business in Liverpool, U.K. The two men may have came to give him a confidential package to ship to a residence in Liverpool. Liverpool may have been hard to find, which is why it took so long. After he found it and delivered the package, he missed the train 5 times in a row. Liverpool was far away from Three Chimneys, the name of the second house. It took a while for the train to go to the stop near Three Chimneys, then he had to walk all the way to the House, also also getting all his luggage up and into the house. I think that he will tell his story at the end, and the children get to know where he was all along. So after we find out that all is well, we find out how the return of the father affects the family.

There were enormous differences in their lives when father returned. For instance, they were no longer struggling under the financial crush they had been under the entire time. They loved their father a lot more, since he had been gone for a while. As Father was home they had a bigger income, so they had electricity again, the mom had time to play again, they had money for food, they had coal all the time, and they were able to learn more about the railway. They lived without many of these things and many others; they struggled to even get food. I hope the book doesn’t leave them struggling.


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  1. kathryn duncan says:

    Great job!! Keep going with your writing the more you practice the better you will become. Lots of love Aunt Kathryn xoxox

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  2. I enjoyed your essay. I am now interested in reading the book.
    You seemed to have enjoyed it and have become very involved emotionally in the characters. I think that is what a good book does. Is there a specific character that you relate to or feel you have something in common with? I find that helps suck me into a story when I can sort of picture myself as one of the characters.

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    1. Danger S. says:

      Well, I feel that I’m mostly like Peter, but I think I like Roberta best.

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      1. What personality that Peter has makes you feel like Peter?


  3. MsMitch says:

    Great job! You clearly are enjoying this story and it’s nicely written. Keep up the good work!

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    1. Danger S. says:

      thank you very much!

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