Lesson 5: Budget Your Time (ABC-Academic Boot Camp Lesson 5 Assignment)

In this lesson I learned about budgeting my time. I normally have a lot to do, so I’ll start planning what I do that day. I’ll write things down, and buy a time manager. I’ll juggle my schedule, and I’ll also do what I have to when I have to. So if I manage my time all the time, I’ll get more done. In this , I will learn about what is most important for me to do and what is not as important for that day.
Here’s a sample schedule for my mornings that includes the most important items, like school and responsibilities.

1- Wake Up 5:00
2-do my chores

30 minutes

5:00- 5:30
a. cat boxes

5 minutes

b. cats food

5 minutes

c. brush teeth

5 minutes

d. make bed

10 minutes

e. eat breakfast

5 minutes

scouts 5:30-7:00
3. School

5 hours 30 minutes

7:00- 12:30

a. english

1 hour

b. math

1 hour

c. handwriting

30 minutes

d. science

1 hour

e. bible

30 minutes

f. spanish/coding

30 minutes

g. piano

30 minutes

PE (physical education)

30 minutes


7 thoughts on “Lesson 5: Budget Your Time (ABC-Academic Boot Camp Lesson 5 Assignment)

  1. Chris

    It has been a while since you have written this schedule. How has it worked out for you? Have you stuck with the plan? Are there any adjustments you need to make to have the schedule work better for you?


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